At The Vets, Sale Victoria we offer a range of services such as:

Routine Desexing Surgery

We treat every desexing patient as an individual, taking care to examine the patient prior to surgery. This includes taking their heart rate, checking their gum colour, weighing them and sometimes blood testing. It is paramount to make sure that they are healthy for the procedure.

Tumour Removal

Just like humans, older pets can develop cancers. At The Vets, we have in house facilities to determine whether the tumour is hazardous or not. Once the nature of the tumour is identified, we will then decide the best treatment plan for your pet.


Vaccinations are very important to prevent serious diseases in your pet. This also gives us a chance to do a health check and detect other conditions at an early stage.

Fleas, Worms and Ticks

We recommend worming for all pets every 3 months to prevent serious internal parasite infections which can be dangerous to both pets and humans, particularly children. If pets go into bush areas, worming them more frequently may be useful.

Fleas are commonly known to be an uncomfortable parasite for your dog or cat. They suck their blood and leave black droppings in your pet’s hair, which can cause itching. We can recommend effective products to prevent infestation in your pet. It is also very important to remember to protect your pet against paralysis ticks which are common in the beachside areas throughout Wellington Shire, Gippsland.

Treating your sick pet

If your pet is not eating, vomiting or losing weight, we are here to examine them and treat their illness. First, we make a full physical examination which includes examining their mouth, eyes, ears, body, checking their heart, lungs and taking their temperature. If required, we can perform blood tests using our in house lab or perform X-Rays and ultrasound.


Skin allergies are one of the most common problems we treat at The Vets. If your pet is rubbing their belly or licking their paws, we can help with a treatment strategy tailored to their problem. With the expertise of Dr Jeremy Mannix who has done a postgraduate course in veterinary dermatology, you can rest assured that your pet is in good hands.

Intestinal & Bladder Surgery

If your dog has swallowed a rock or is having trouble passing urine, we are able to operate to remove the obstruction and get them on the road to recovery. We are experienced in the removal of both intestinal foreign bodies (rocks, plastic, rubber balls and bones) and also bladder stones. We offer a range of preventative diets after surgery for bladder stone cases to help avoid repeat occurrences.


Giving birth can be life threatening. If things don’t go according to plan, we are available 24/7 to provide advice. If required, we can perform surgery on your pregnant pet to ensure her safety and the safety of her puppies or kittens.

Dental: Scale & Polishing & Extractions

Imagine if you never brushed your teeth, very soon your mouth would not be healthy. Many pets who refuse to eat bones or do not have their teeth brushed, quickly develop periodontal disease. This can cause the spread of serious infections into their gums and potentially into their kidneys and liver. If you suspect your pet has bad teeth due to trouble eating or bad breath, take them to the vets for a check up. At The Vets, we have a modern dental machine allowing us to rapidly clean your pet’s teeth while they are anaesthetised or even perform extractions if needed.

Orthopedics: Hip & Knee

Knee and hip conditions are just as common in dogs as they are in humans. Many dogs suffer from injuries to the cruciate ligament in their knees and require knee surgery just like humans. Sometimes dogs or cats can have the hip joint dislocated due to falls or being hit by a car. At The Vets, we can provide surgical treatments for these conditions. We can also provide medical treatment if this is more appropriate for your pet.

In House Pathology

If your pet is sick, a rapid diagnosis of the problem is vital. At The Vets, we are fully equipped to perform blood tests on your pet to provide a quick diagnosis. As a result, we can proceed with the correct treatment rapidly. This means we can have vital information for your pets treatment in only 15 minutes instead of waiting overnight for results. We also have a microscope for examining samples from masses and lumps prior to surgery.


Sore ears can be agonising for your dog or cat. We have a digital video otoscope to explore your dog’s or cat’s ears under magnification to help us see the smallest details. You can watch while we do this on the computer or tv screen so you can understand what is going on and observe changes in your pets ear health first hand.

Premium Pet food & Veterinary therapy

We stock a range of healthy premium pet food for your pet’s needs. We not only have wellness diets but specific veterinary diets tailored to help prevent common problems such as bladder stones, teeth decay, arthritis and obesity.

Farm Visits

We do provide care for cattle, sheep, pigs and goats and can travel to your farm if necessary. We can provide advice on animal health needs of your herd or flock including the right vaccinations or animal health medicines to use to treat mastitis or prevent disease in your animals. Unfortunately, The Vets DO NOT provide treatment for horses.

Certificate to fly and export work

Some airlines such as Qantas require a health certificate prior to an animal being able to fly to ensure they are in good health and can handle the journey. We can examine your pet and verify if their microchip is working and provide a certificate for this. Dr Jeremy Mannix is an export accredited veterinarian and can provide assistance with sending dogs or cats to New Zealand, England, Europe, America and other destinations as required. The process is different for every destination and sometimes requires vaccinations or blood tests.